Basic Funeral Price Guide

We offer a ‘Basic’ Funeral for circumstances where for one reason or another there is a reduced professional engagement. This might be suitable for example where an executor authorises a funeral and other than their necessary administration obligations passes the general arrangements over to Allcock Family Funeral Services. We would then select a coffin, time and place of our choosing to fit in with our current schedule. This might suit families who wish for a very simple service and are happy to allow Allcock Family Funeral Services to arrange a service on their behalf.

Our basic service includes the following:

  • The provision of the Funeral Director’s Services.
  • Attending to all the necessary arrangements.
  • Provision of all the required staff.
  • A plain foil coffin of our choosing, suitable for the purposes of cremation or burial.
  • The transfer of the deceased from the place of death (within 20 mile radius of our premises) to our Chapel of Rest.
  • The care of the deceased, dressed in a simple shroud or the deceased’s own clothing.
  • A visit to the Chapel of Rest during office hours.
  • The supply of a hearse only, direct to the nearest crematorium or cemetery.

Basic Funeral Charge: £1700.00 plus disbursement fees