General Disbursement Fees

fees paid by us on the families behalf

  • Crematorium fees: St Faith’s £1,060.00 (includes emission surcharge)
  • Crematorium fees: Earlham £1,060.00 (includes emission surcharge)
  • Doctors fees: £164.00 (2 x £82.00)
  • Clergy fees: £195.00 (plus any travel expenses, usually about £15)
  • Cemetery fees: At cost
  • Press announcements: POA*
  • Flowers: POA*
  • Catering fees: POA*

Currently all printing is carried out using a third party and the prices are passed on to clients at cost plus our in house set up costs, starting from £40.

Cemetery charges vary greatly, and subsequently it is difficult for us to state a specific cost.
If burial is preferred, please ask us for a quotation and we will be happy to oblige.

* Some of the disbursement charges incur VAT, for example; press notices, floral tributes and any catering costs. Not all our suppliers for these supplements are registered for VAT. Nontheless VAT has to be added (to taxable supplies only) on invoices issued by Allcock Family Funeral Services. For this reason an administrative charge of 5% is added to the cost price of these supplies.

Generally all Funeral Services and Church Fees are Exempt from VAT.