Standardised Price List

All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services.

This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).


£2,200          ATTENDED FUNERAL (funeral director’s charges only)

This is a funeral where family and friends have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person at the same time as they attend their burial or cremation.

£ 775          Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements.

£ 200         Collecting and transporting the deceased person from the place of death (within 15 miles of the funeral director’s premises) into the funeral director’s care. Care of the deceased person before the funeral in appropriate facilities.

£ 350        The deceased person will be kept in our premises on City Road, Norwich, NR1 2HD.

£ 400        Providing a suitable coffin – this will be made from a quality wood veneer with a choice of finish.

£   50         Viewing of the deceased person for family and friends, by appointment with the funeral director (where viewing is requested by the customer)

£ 425        At a date and time you agree with the funeral director, taking the deceased person direct to the agreed cemetery or crematorium (normally within 20 miles of the funeral director’s premises) in a hearse or other appropriate vehicle.



This is a funeral where family and friends may choose to have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person, but they do not attend the burial or cremation itself.

£1,000          Burial (funeral director’s charges only)

£1,499          Cremation (funeral director’s charges plus the cremation fee) 1



£   500  to £1,468           For an Attended or Unattended burial funeral, the burial fee. 2                                                   

£1,468          In this local area, the typical cost of the burial fee for local residents is:

(For a new grave, you will also need to pay for the plot; for an existing grave with a memorial in place, you may need to pay a removal/replacement fee. In addition, the cemetery may charge a number of other fees.)

£    675  to £1,060         For an Attended cremation funeral, the cremation fee.1
£1,060          In this local area, the typical cost of a cremation for local residents is:

(Please discuss any specific religious, belief-based and/or cultural requirements that you have with the funeral director.)

1 In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will usually need to pay doctors’ fees as well. This is the charge for two doctors to sign the Medical Certificates for Cremation.

2 This fee (which is sometimes called the interment fee) is the charge made for digging and closing a new grave, or for reopening and closing an existing grave.



This funeral director may be able to supply a range of optional, additional products and services, or to arrange (on your behalf) for a third party to supply them. Examples include:

£       1.50       Additional mileage (price per mile for any of our funeral vehicles)

£ 200             Additional transfers of the deceased person’s body (e.g. to their home, to a place of worship etc.) (price per transfer)

No Charge   Collection of ashes from the local crematorium

£ 180              Embalming (only carried out if requested or when required for transportation overseas)

POA                Funeral officiant (e.g. celebrant, minister of religion etc)

£  50               Services supplied outside of normal office hours (per person per hour)   

The funeral director can give you a full list of what they can supply.  They are likely to charge for these additional products and services, so you may choose to take care of some arrangements without their involvement, or you can use a different supplier.


Cremation Fees for both Earlham and St Faith’s Crematoria covering the greater Norwich area are as detailed below:

£1,060        Full Adult Cremation Fee (45 minute slot length)

£   900        Reduced Fee Cremation Service (9:30am service only)

£   675         Direct Cremation Fee – Attended (no service at 9.00am)

£   499        Direct Cremation Fee – Unattended (no service at 8.15am or 8.20am)

£1,590        Saturday Service

£2,120        Sunday Service



Disclosure of Interests

Allcock Family Funeral Services is an independent funeral directors wholly owned and managed as a partnership by the Allcock Family.

The full address of Allcock Family Funeral Services is Falcon House, 96a City Road, Norwich, NR1 2HD.

We have no involvement or interest in any online comparison website.  You will always receive the best service and price by contacting us directly.

We make no gratuity payments to any party and make no material donations to any charity.



Terms & Conditions 

Professional Services 

These include all arrangements in connection with the funeral, assistance and advice in matters relating to the funeral, attendance and services of staff, attending to all documentation, care of the deceased and use of the Chapel of Rest, provision of motor hearse, funeral director and embalming of deceased if required. 


Payment of account 

Allcock Family Funeral Services operates a pricing policy in compliance with the Code of Practice of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. 

Our price list provides clients with a full and detailed explanation of our charges as required by the Code. 

In addition to our charges, disbursements must be paid to Doctors, Minister of Religion, Cemetery or Cremation fees and such like. 

When the funeral plans are completed you will be given a written estimate of all the charges incurred by the service you have requested. Where the total estimated account is deemed excessive you may be asked to make an interim payment. 

We ask for this estimate to be signed as consent that you accept the charges and will be liable for payment of the account when submitted. This is usually 7-10 days after the funeral. If wished, the account may be forwarded to your solicitor. 

We reserve the right to add interest on all outstanding accounts at 4% above base rate per month on accounts that remain unpaid after 90 days and any legal and court costs incurred due to non-payment. 

If, because of your circumstances, you have to make a claim for assistance from the Department of Work and Pensions, please note that stringent rules apply as to the amount of help available. Please talk to us, in confidence, for guidance. 


Right to cancel 

You have the right to cancel the contract if you wish. This right can be exercised by sending or taking a cancellation notice to the funeral director at any time within the period of 7 days starting on the day of the arrangement. 

Where applicable, payment may be required to be made in respect of any services carried out or disbursements paid, once the performance of the contract has begun and prior to the cancellation notice being received. 

Although we do not ask for a deposit in advance, however, we retain the right to do so where deemed appropriate. 




£  1.50/mile      Milage charged for the removal of the deceased to our premises over 15 miles charged at

Higher milage funerals: 

£   500.00          Hearse and bearers for the funeral – Waveney/Breckland/Gorleston

£   550.00           Hearse and bearers for the funeral – Cromer/Kings Lynn

£   600.00          Hearse and bearers for the funeral – Bury



£   200.00          6 seater limousine – local within 15 mile radius/Earlham/St Faiths

£   225.00          6 seater limousine – Waveney/Breckland/Gorleston

£   250.00          6 seater limousine – Cromer/Kings Lynn

£   275.00          6 seater limousine – Bury


Taking deceased into Church overnight

£   200.00           Monday to Friday

£   350.00           Sunday’s


Service in Church prior to committal elsewhere

£   200.00          Additional cost of bearers

£   200.00          Saturday funeral surcharge per hour (typical funeral engagement time, 2 hours) 

£   100.00          Funeral Director to officiate at a funeral service


Funeral Director’s attendance at ashes interment –

£   100.00          Monday to Friday

£   150.00          Saturday

£   200.00         Sunday

£      40.00         Order of Service design & set-up fee (not including printing costs) from


Disbusrement Fees (fees payable for 3rd party services)

£  209.00         Clergy Fee (including £10 travelling expenses)

£    29.00          Committal at Cemetery or Crematorium   

£   200.00 – 250.00          Humanist/Civil Celebrant 

£  164.00          2 Doctor’s Fees (£82.00 each) – cremations only


Crematorium Fees Earlham & St Faiths

£   499.00         8.15am/8.20am – unattended, no service  

£   675.00          9.00am – attended, no service  

£   900.00         9.30am – full service at reduced rate  

£1,060.00         10.15am – 4.15pm

£1,590.00          Saturday

£2120.00           Sunday

No charge          Children up to the age of 18 years

POA                     Other crematoriums


Cemetery Fees: See cemetery price list


C of E Churchyard Burials

£ 199.00          Church fee for a service in church  

£ 320.00         Church fee for burial in the churchyard following a service  

Grave Preparation Fees

£ 500.00        Re-open existing grave or to prepare a new single grave (including a grave marker)  

£ 550.00        Prepare a new double depth grave (including a grave marker)  

£ 600.00       Prepare a treble depth grave (including grave marker)  

POA                 Child’s grave up to 5 years of age

POA                 Child’s grave 5-12 years in a single plot

£  65.00         Additional charge for Saturday burial (before midday)    

£  75.00         Additional charge for Saturday burial (midday – 4pm)    

£  85.00        Additional charge for Saturday burial (after 4pm)