The Allcock Family circa 1968

The Allcock Family
The Allcock Family

Left to right:

  • Sharon
  • Paul
  • Terry
  • Philip
  • Barbara
  • Peter
  • Mark


Our family background: Terry and Barbara Allcock first met in Blackpool. Terry was an aspiring young footballer signed to Bolton Wanderers and Barbara worked in a department store. They first met on a blind date, however, not so blind as Terry, ever the pessimist, did a little window shopping in the store to assure himself that Barbara was a suitable candidate. Clearly that date was a success and following a courtship which included Terry serving two years national service in the RAF they married in 1956. The following year their first son Mark was born. The family was by now living in Bolton where Terry had became known as Nat Lofthouse’s understudy.

In 1958 Terry was transferred for the princely sum of £8000 to Norwich City Football Club. The first full season he played for Norwich they has an outstanding run in the FA Cup, reaching the semi-final, beating the likes of Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspurs along the way. Terry’s career at Norwich culminated with him becoming the first holder of the Barry Butler Memorial Trophy for player of the year. To this day he still holds the record for the most goals  scored in a single season, 37 in total. Terry’s involvement with Norwich City these days is as the host to the match day sponsors.

During the 1960’s Terry and Barbara welcomed four more children, Peter, Sharon, Philip and Paul. The family was by this time happily settled in Norwich. Of the five children it was Paul the youngest who took employment in the funeral industry with Peter Taylor Funeral Services in Norwich and by the age of 23 Paul had been appointed manager of what was at the time the largest independent Funeral Directors in the area.

The following ten years saw many changes at Taylor’s, culminating in the sale of the company to the Canadian Loewen Group. It was at this stage that Paul decided to break from the company and along with Terry, who had also spent the previous six years in the funeral industry, formed Allcock Family Funeral Services, with partners Mark, Peter, Sharon and Philip.

In the beginning only Paul and Terry worked full time with only part-time office support supplied by Paul’s wife Alison and Sharon. Business has progressed and over the years the workforce has grown to include more family members. Mark, Sharon and Philip (our in house accountant) all now work full time, with Natalie and Kurt, two of Sharon’s children, working as administrator and funeral operative respectively. Working alongside the family members are Justin and Craig, our full time workshop and funeral operative staff, together with a trio of part time bearers.

As a family business our mission is to endeavour to treat all our clients as part of our extended family at their time of need.