Prepaid Funeral Plans


If you are considering purchasing a prepaid funeral plan for yourself or a loved one you can only purchase an 


prepaid plan from us!

If you would like Allcock Family Funeral Services to conduct your funeral in the future, and you wish to use a prepaid plan to help cover the costs, you will to have to purchase the plan directly through ourselves. Although there are numerous organisations offering prepaid funeral plans in the current market place we only offer plans through a single plan provider.

If you haven’t taken out a prepaid plan and think you might be interested in one of ours, please continue reading below. The comprehensive guide outlines the funeral services we provide, that will be covered at the time of need, and information regarding the contribution to third party costs which can be included in each plan. (These third party costs, for services such as Crematorium, Cemeteries, Doctors and Ministers are fees that we pay on your behalf. However, we cannot guarantee these costs as they are beyond our control)


Many people are deciding to make arrangements for their own funeral in advance, which we are very happy to help and advise on. A number of these people also decide to make financial provision for their funeral to save their family any unnecessary financial worries at such a difficult time.  Our set funeral plans are based on local prices and traditions. The pre-payment funds are securely held with Ecclesiastical Planning Services, a national prepaid plan provider, in whole of life assurance policies.

Our Pre-Payment Plans start from £4,125.00 for a funeral, including a contribution towards the disbursements.

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Your Choice of Funeral Plan


Pre-arrangements may especially suit:

  • Those with no-one capable or willing to make funeral arrangements at the time of their death.
  • Those who have specific wishes for their funeral and want to be sure that these wishes are known, so that they can be incorporated in the funeral.
  • Those who simply want to offer some guidelines to their loved ones regarding their own funeral arrangements.

If you would like to write down your own arrangements, you can do so within our information brochure which we will be happy to forward to you upon request.  Alternatively please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs.